JT Grup Oil
Outstanding distribution and logistics of Petroleum products

JT Grup Oil S.A. carries out fuel distribution operations in the South-Eastern area of Romania with the help of its own fleet of 11 tanks with a capacity of up to 40,000 liters, equipped with pumps and indicators to measure the quantity delivered. For fuel distribution in the northern part of the country, the company has partnerships with representatives of the business environment, long-term collaborators.

The fuel logistics and distribution represents approx. 90% of the company turnover and it’s build on intensive growth in customer. Our approach is “together with our clients” to understand their needs in order to adapt and increase the level of products and services.

The optimization of petroleum product supply chain of JT Grup Oil it’s assured by quick logistic and operational access to refinery terminals and depots around the country, and quick delivery based on customer’s needs, using the economy of scale for customers benefit and adaptation to specific market.

In order to sustain the actual business, for providing specific services and for potential further developments, the Company owns the logistic and services Base located near Petromidia Refinery.

JT Grup Oil have, records and the capability, including human resources and know-how to support the development and “time to market” of new business lines that can be slotted and sustained based and started on the current structure, infrastructure and logistic.

The company is on the market, operational and logistic based, with know-how, appropriate for execution “time to market”, a reliable partner for reliable partners.